Half-Term Holiday: Unbeatable Student Discounts and Smart Savings for Parents at YuMe World!

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Are you ready to kick off the school holidays with a bang? With the end of May quickly approaching, students and families are gearing up for the half-term school holidays. A perfect destination to channel that youthful energy and ensure a fun-filled break is YuMe World! With locations in Newcastle and Durham, YuMe World is the go-to spot for students and families looking to dial up the fun and let loose. Here’s the scoop on why you should make YuMe World your playground this half-term.

All About Students at YuMe World

YuMe World offers a plethora of activities perfect for students. Along with adrenaline-pumping arcade games like Mario Kart GP, Sonic Basketball, air hockey, and Daytona Championship, you can also enjoy a variety of other fun-filled games. Whether you’re racing to the finish line or scoring high in interactive games, there’s no shortage of excitement. Dive into the classic arcade fun with your mates and make the most of your visit!

Pirate Adventures Await

Fancy yourself a pirate? Then you’ll love the pirate-themed games at YuMe World. Take on the role of a daring captain in “Pirate Captain,” where you’ll navigate treacherous waters, dodging bullets and scooping up treasure. Or, get strategic with “Ship Wreck,” where your aim is to outsmart rival pirates with your superior cannonball skills. These games are perfect for anyone who loves a bit of adventure with their arcade experience.

Treat Yourself at YuMe Desserts, Durham

What’s a day of gaming without some epic snacks? Swing by YuMe Desserts right inside YuMe World at Riverwalk, Durham for the ultimate treat. Whether you’re in the mood for a lusciously creamy milkshake or a gooey waffle covered in sprinkles, they’ve got all the goodies to keep your energy up. Plus, enjoy an all day every day student discount of 10%! Parents, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered too with some top-notch coffee and hot chocolate to enjoy while the kids are gaming away.

Deals and Steals

YuMe World isn’t just about the fun; it’s also about the perks, especially on Wednesdays. Take advantage of student discounts and cool Wednesday-deals like buying £10 credits and scoring an extra £5 for free. It’s a great way to make your money stretch further so you can enjoy more of the games you love.

YuMe World has crafted some pocket-friendly options for parents too. Delight the kids with a half portion for just £4, featuring waffles or pancakes with their choice of toppings, and satisfy their thirst with a jug of cordial juice, available in refreshing Blackcurrant or Orange flavours, also for £4. A family of two kids can indulge in drinks and waffles for just £12! It’s a delightful deal that keeps everyone, including your wallet, smiling.

Keep the Kids Entertained

So, what are you waiting for? This half-term, head to YuMe World for an unforgettable day of gaming, treats, and laughs. It’s the perfect spot to shake off school stress and have a blast with friends and family. See you there!

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