YuMe Desserts Parlour: A Sweet Symphony of Treats and Neon Dreams at Durham’s Riverwalk

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Prepare to be dazzled by YuMe Desserts Parlour, Durham’s newest treasure nestled within the bright wonderland of fun and games at YuMe World, in the lively Riverwalk. Ready to tantalise your taste buds with delicious treats? A peek into their menu unveils a paradise for dessert lovers — a delightful array of confections from the smooth and creamy gelato in flavours like vegan Vanilla and Strawberry Fudge Brownie, to refreshing Mango Sorbet, and the rich and creamy Kinder Bueno gelato. Not to forget the soft serve tubs generously sprinkled with toppings such as Ferrero Rocher and Chocolate Sprinkles and drizzled with decadent sauces like Dulce de Leche. These heavenly treats are sure to evoke memories of childhood indulgence and blissful moments.

A Trendy Dessert Spot with a Neon Pulse

The venue’s interior, a blend of modern chic and inviting warmth, is punctuated by whimsical neon signs that display “Live. Laugh. Love. Dream…,” reflecting the playful indulgence of the dessert experience. Guests are welcomed by a striking blue and pink colour scheme, making it the perfect backdrop for enjoying and sharing Instagram-worthy snapshots of sweet moments. The exterior, with its bold purple signage, echoes the parlour’s fresh and fun spirit, mirroring the dynamic vibe of The Riverwalk. It’s an invitation to step in and be part of a fun!

Sweet Shares: Indulging Together in Dessert Delights

And for those who believe that joy is best shared, YuMe Desserts offers extravagant sharing platters, overflowing with treats to delight the sweet-toothed. From artisanal gelato, soft serve ice cream delights, and luxurious thick milkshakes, complemented by a selection of non-alcoholic drinks, the establishment is ready to indulge every palate.

The Perfect Pair: Arcade Thrills and Sweet Treats

Following the success of YuMe World Newcastle, Managing Director John Sullivan views the Durham expansion as a “natural expansion” for the burgeoning brand. “Gaming and treats go hand-in-hand,” he notes, “and we are confident that this is going to help further solidify YuMe World’s reputation as a leading North East entertainment venue, especially with families.”

Weekend Vibes: Friendship, Fun, and Flavourful Feasts at YuMe World

Imagine a Saturday filled with excitement and joy as a group of friends decides to explore YuMe World, immersing themselves in an array of thrilling arcade games. Amidst laughter, friendly rivalry, and the thrill of the games, they work up an appetite and a thirst for something refreshing. Seeking respite, they venture into the cool, neon-lit haven of YuMe Desserts Parlour. Settling into the inviting atmosphere, they laugh and share stories over scrumptious treats and creamy milkshakes, their faces glowing in the neon light. This moment of indulgence in delectable desserts and shared joy epitomises the YuMe experience, where every visit is an adventure into a world of whimsical delight and sweet extravagance.

Head to Durham’s Dessert Wonderland

Ready for an unforgettable adventure? YuMe World beckons for your next outing—be it a fun family day, a romantic date night, or a lively birthday celebration. With the latest addition of YuMe Desserts restaurant, your experience will be complete as you indulge in scrumptious ice creams, creamy milkshakes, and an array of delicious, comforting hot drinks, like Lattes, Hot Chocolate and Cappuccino. Don’t miss out on the fun and embrace the whimsy and wonder of YuMe Desserts Parlour, where every bite promises an escape into a world of sweet extravagance and shared delight!

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