Unlocking a World of Joy: The Ultimate YuMe World Party Experience for Kids

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A perfect place for a party

Hosting a children’s party at an YuMe World is like opening a treasure chest of fun and excitement for little adventurers! The vibrant lights, the symphony of game sounds, and the thrill of competition create an electrifying atmosphere that’s hard for any child to resist.

So Much to Entertain the Kids

A YuMe World party is like a festival of fun for kids with a spread of arcade games that bring every flavour of excitement to the table. Kids can take aim with the Men in Black shooting game, where children can team up to save the world from aliens, fostering both cooperation and competition. The vibrant Rainbow ball drop game adds a burst of colour and anticipation as kids test their luck and reflexes.

Football enthusiasts can score goals with the World Football Pro which combines the love of sports with interactive gameplay. Meanwhile, Mario Kart offers high-speed fun, with kids steering through fantastical race tracks. The Monopoly Roll-n-Go game offers strategic fun as children skilfully spin the LED Lit dice to land on properties.

For a touch of carnival joy, there’s the Milk Jug toss and the Down the Clown, where kids can aim for the high score with throws that test their precision and arm strength. Budding musicians can step up to the Grand Piano Keys game, hitting piano keys at a rhythmic pace to create melodies, while Bean Bag Toss challenges their targeting skills in a classic test of hand-eye coordination.

Each game creates its own world of fun and contributes to a party atmosphere that ensures laughter, high fives, and memorable moments for all!

Prizes to Create Excitement

The ticket system at YuMe World adds an extra layer of excitement to the gaming experience. As children play, they collect tickets from each game, which can later be exchanged for a wide array of prizes. This not only keeps the excitement levels high but also encourages teamwork, strategy, and a healthy competitive spirit among the young guests as they aim for the most coveted rewards.

A Great Setting for Fun Photos

Beyond the games, YuMe World is about creating cherished memories. The laughter, the cheers, and the shared joy of gaming forge bonds and friendships that last well beyond the party’s end. Parents and children alike will treasure the photos and stories that emerge from a day spent in the lively and engaging atmosphere of YuMe World.

Durham Desserts Restaurant

The delightful addition of a Desserts restaurant at the Durham branch is another tremendous perk and appeals not only to kids but to adults as well! This new feature ensures that your party can be complemented with a sweet ending, offering a wide array of delicious treats that are sure to be a hit among all attendees.

Choose YuMe for Your next Party

Choosing YuMe World for a children’s party is more than just a decision about location; it’s a commitment to a day filled with laughter, excitement, and the kind of fun that only a top-tier arcade centre can provide. Whether in Newcastle or Durham, YuMe World is the perfect backdrop for a birthday celebration that will be remembered fondly for years to come.

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